Another school year has wrapped up…sweet summer is here.  Before we all hit the beach, let’s celebrate the CEF’s successful 2018-19 contributions to Cohasset’s educational experience.  This year, we funded 17 grants totaling over $75,000 at all our schools.  A few grant highlights include: a new LEGO robotics club at the Deer Hill, which builds on the very successful middle/high school club; a project based learning program centered around the popular book and movie “Hidden Figures” at the Middle School; and funding for expanded community garden projects at Osgood, Deer Hill and CMHS. There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing new grants in action at our schools.  Hearing the cacophony of noise created by a class of six year-olds clanging on xylophones and learning to read sheet music; watching middle school French students take a virtual tour of Paris using Google reality kits; and seeing the bounty of lettuce harvested in the garden at Deer Hill makes all of the fundraising worthwhile.

Next year, we will continue this momentum and bring fresh ideas as we welcome new board members to the CEF. We are so fortunate to have engaged parents who are willing to volunteer their time, energy and professional talents to enhance the academic experiences of all Cohasset students.  Congratulations to the following officers and board members for the 2019-2020 school year:

President: John Starvish

Vice President: Meghan Tufts Watts

Treasurer: Michael Askjaer

Secretary: Jamey Kupsc

Amy Alberti

Meaghan Barry

Mary Burnieika

Tom Hense

Melissa Hill

Annie Ketchen

Jennifer Klemanski

Jennifer Lesky

Chris MacFarlane

Kristin Quinn

Katie Seeley

Ruth Steel

John Steinmetz

Bill Tierney

I have been honored to serve as President of this organization.   As I close out my term, I’d like to thank everyone in this community who cares so much about our town and our schools. Thank you for making Cohasset a truly special place to live and raise children.


Jen Ognibene