Educator’s Grant Feedback

Thermal Cycler

Ed Savage’s class in Genetics and Biotechnology using CEF funded Thermal Cycler to examine the DNA of GMO and non-GMO food products. The Thermal Cycler introduces high school students to college level lab work. It greatly reduces the time and increases the accuracy in the lab experiments.

Sphero Kits

Used in the 4th grade for EMC elective enrichment and also in classroom instruction

“The Sphero kits are educational and fun. They build programming, planning and coding skills, and the interface is totally kid-friendly. Children learn about angles and the relationship between distance and speed while talking and strategizing as a team.”
4th grade teacher Suzi Corkhum

“I love the coding part of Spheros and it’s hands on—we don’t have to just sit and listen—we can actually play with these and it’s really fun!”
4th grade student

“My favorite part of Spheros is that we can control what we build…right now we’re programing our device to make concentric squares. It’s really fun!”
4th grade student

Noodle Chairs

Used in 4th grade classrooms

“The noodle chairs are more comfy and flexible than the regular chairs. I love when it’s my turn to use them!”
4th grade student

“I like the noodle chair because it’s fun to sit and relax in them when you’re reading. It’s like a brain break”
4th grade student

Google A/R Kits

Used in both middle and high school in various classrooms

“The Google virtual reality googles really enhance the curriculum. My class has already done a presentation about the major cultural, architectural and artistic sites in Paris and this really takes it to the next level. The kids have a mastery of technology so they immediately get how to use these and this virtual tour of Paris helps them really see what they’ve been learning about and share more details of the architecture and history of the major sites.”
Madame Sanges, CMHS French teacher

“This is so cool! It’s like being on top of Paris!”
7th grade student

“It’s a 360 degree experience!”
7th grade student