Awarded Grants

The Cohasset Education Foundation announces the Fall 2023 awarded grants.
Total amount awarded: $23,554


Buddy Benches and Picnic Tables
Submitted by Lisa Farrell
Amount awarded: $4,964.55

This grant provides the Osgood playground with two picnic tables and three benches to ensure that students and teachers have spaces for connection and interaction during unstructured time which can be challenging for some students. The buddy benches are a proven way for students to find a friend or help a friend and Osgood intends to add these to the existing playground set up this year.

ADHD and Executive Functioning Training and Development
Submitted by Aleisa Gittens-Carle and David Vinton
Amount awarded: $7,000
The grant funds a project to include professional development for staff across the district on understanding ADHD, its treatment, and how to help students be successful socially and academically. The goals would be to define ADHD and how it manifests inside the classroom including the behaviors and challenges to learning, to reduce student frustration in and out of the classroom, and to provide teachers and staff strategies to help support successful student learning outcomes and reduce class disruptions. Secondly, it would address how to recognize potential cultural and gender differences in students with ADHD and how it affects strategies. The grant also funds a parent information night to share the learnings with the community.

Deer Hill

Social Emotional Learning, Paths Program
Submitted by Courtney Sullivan
Amount awarded: $1,500
This grant purchases a curriculum piece to help students acquire and strengthen their social emotional skill sets. Participating in this project will help students to acquire and strengthen their skills across a variety of social emotional categories like regulation, coping skills, emotion identification, conflict navigation, and relationships. This will help them learn to build stronger, healthier relationships with peers and adults as well as learn how to maintain a regulated emotional state (or return to one) during and after a conflict or when a hard time in their day arises.

Middle School

Submitted by Lindsey Kay
Amount awarded: $3,500
This grant is to acquire CODEHS, an online platform that provides differentiated access to students who are learning Python, Javascript, App Development, Coding Digital Art, Web Design, Game Design etc. It includes a range of online courses that are customizable to the needs of different age groups and interests.

Cohasset High School

Printed Agendas
Submitted by Allison Battista & Caitlin Stromberg (Executive Functioning Group)
Amount awarded: $750
This group helps students with organization, time management, prioritization and goal-setting. The purchased planners are specifically designed to help students manage their time and create good habits.

Neuroscience Elective Course
Submitted by Blair Duncan
Amount awarded: $5,240
This grant covers the purchase of laboratory supplies and curriculum development. Students are often curious about the human brain – how it works, how it develops, and the basis of disorders – and this course will allow them to explore the brain in depth. They will first learn about neuroanatomy and electrochemical signaling, then apply that foundational knowledge to topics such as diseases and disorders, development, learning and memory, sensation and perception, and movement. If there is time, the course can also address scientific theories of consciousness. The course is designed to be accessible to students at all learning levels, allowing students to elect to take the course for CP or Accelerated credit.

Dungeons and Dragons Enrichment
Submitted by Jason Kelliher
Amount awarded: $600
This grant supports the Dungeons and Dragons Club at CHS by helping to purchase supplies to keep the club operating and expand the player base. Dungeons and Dragons is the world’s most popular table-top role-playing game. At CHS, it is an enrichment activity that helps promote critical thinking, team-work, imagination, literacy and math skills.


Cozy Corner
Lisa Farrell, Michele Curtin and Dave Vinton
Amount awarded: $1,200
The ‘Cozy Corner’ will be a designated space in the Osgood where students can go when having one-to-one time with a counselor or other staff member if they are feeling dysregulated or have specific needs. It will act as a structured break location to help students identify and manage their feelings to be able to return to learning in their classroom setting. The grant covers appropriate furniture and equipment to set a calming and nurturing tone as well as differentiating the space from a traditional classroom environment.

Flexible Seating Classroom
Michele Curtin
Amount Awarded: $5,500
The goal is to provide the Kindergarten classrooms with a range of flexible seating options to assist in self-regulation strategies, increase attention, stress reduction and decrease hyperactivity to create a learning environment that meets the needs of all of our young learners. Some of the equipment being brought to the Osgood with this grant include stand up desks, ball chairs, ergonomic stools, bounce cantilever chairs and other innovative options.

Deer Hill

The Susan B. McNamara Innovation Commons 
Alex Sullivan/Lisa Radden
Amount Awarded: $100,000
Thanks to a generous donation from the McNamara family, the Cohasset Education Foundation recently achieved its fundraising goal to fund a new Learning Commons in the Deer Hill School. In honor of the lifetime achievements of Susan McNamara, the founder of the CEF, the space encompassing the Majorie Murphy Library Media Center and the Deer Hill Steam Lab will be named The Susan B. McNamara Innovation Commons.

This project encompasses a redesign of the Deer Hill library and STEAM Labs in order to upgrade their existing technology and replace and reconfigure furniture in both spaces. The Susan B. McNamara Innovation Commons will create an updated, flexible space that maximizes use of the Deer Hill library and adjacent classroom for library and technology classes, research opportunities facilitated by classroom teachers, and adult use (faculty meetings, leadership meetings, professional development, etc.) By moving the existing technology classroom from the back hallway to the STEAM lab, the two spaces will be better integrated for their shared purposes.

Math Innovations
Chrissy Thonet
Amount Awarded: $2,060
The goal is to implement innovative teaching practices derived from ‘Building Thinking Classrooms’. This grant covers vertical whiteboards and other flexible surfaces to create an environment where students feel safe to take risks in the calculation and problem-solving elements of the math curriculum. It encourages debate and group working to reduce anxiety and develop shared language and collaboration. It also allows for professional development to work with other external math coaches to help develop broader teaching strategies and innovation for ongoing use in the Deer Hill math curriculum.

Bamidele Dancers and Drummers
Kristen Lewis
Amount Awarded: $1,570
This grant will bring a live performance, “Wongai! Rhythms of West Africa, Brazil & the Caribbean” to Deer Hill School featuring Bamidele Dancers & Drummers from the Young Audiences Arts for Learning program. The Bamidele Dancers & Drummers take audiences to Brazil, the Caribbean, and Africa with their instruments, exciting rhythms, costumes, folklore, celebratory dances, and songs. In this program, three dancers and drummers perform the songs and dances of Africa and explore the migration of African culture to the Caribbean and Brazil. Audience participation and the use of authentic costumes and instruments create a memorable learning experience.

Biking and Bike Safety
Brett Youmans
Amount Awarded: $9,422
This grant allowed Mr. Youmans to purchase a full class set of 22 bikes and safety helmets to integrate cycling safety and proficiency into the PE curriculum this spring. The aim of this grant is to increase bike safety for all students. It allows students to be safer biking to and from school and throughout the town while promoting physical activity and lifelong fitness. Through the bike course in the physical education curriculum for grades 3, 4 and 5, students will learn basic rules of the road when biking, hand signals, basic bike maintenance (tire pressure, fixing a popped chain, proper seat height), and how to ride bikes with confidence and safety.

Middle School

Lightspeed Redcat
Kara Lantier, Amy Gallagher
Amount Awarded: $2,554
The ‘Lightspeed Redcat’ is a flexible whole group classroom audio system. It will allow STEM classes to be held in different locations around the school such as the cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasium. The aim is to increase student engagement and collaboration as well as providing better opportunities for students to hear lessons, discussions and directions as well as improving access for those students with hearing impairments.


Financial Literacy Fair: $5925
Applicant: Nicole Fitzgerald
This grant would support CHS in hosting the Credit for Life fair, an authentic learning experience promoting college and career readiness and financial literacy for all students. Student participants choose an occupation and make a variety of financial decisions, ranging from where to live and how to save for retirement to buying a television or owning a pet.” This grant will help purchase all reusable signage, supplies, and materials and cover one year of operating expenses.

Culture Workshops: $4900
Applicant: Brian Scott
Ashley Bendicksen will present a keynote speech to all students, followed by a two workshops;

BYSTANDER INTERVENTION: Your Power as a Difference Maker (for all students) and SELF-ESTEEM & THE MEDIA: Mastering the Real “Selfie” Game (for girls). The goals of the project are to capitalize on two identified student strengths, trust and empathy, in order to build the capacity in students to advocate for themselves and for others.

Student Data: Surveys  – $4105
Applicant: Brian Scott
This grant covers the cost of 2 school climate surveys, the ‘Partnerships in Education and Resilience’ (PEAR) holistic Student Assessment and the ‘Comprehensive School Climate inventory’ to assess the school culture and climate with a view to planning future strategy to enhance and/or refine according to the results.

Screen-Printing Materials – $3035
Applicant: Sarah Anthony
This grant covers the purchase of screen-printing materials for the ‘Commercial Design’ elements within the Art program. This will allow students the capability to produce marketing materials or art pieces that can be used in the school community for branding and advertising and beyond.

One-on-one Conversations with Native Spanish Speakers – $1896**
Applicant: Karina Nelson
This grant covers the planning and organization of conversations with native Spanish speaking senior citizens with the AP Spanish class through video chat. This will help the students gain in confidence in Spanish as well as hearing authentic language spoken from different Latin-American countries to improve dialect and ability. It will also foster relationships and empathy between students and members of the senior community.

College and Career Learning Library,  – $300
Applicant: Allison Battista
This grant allows CHS to develop a College and Career Learning Library with a variety of resources to help students plan and prepare for their post-graduation process. There will be a range of brochures and literature available to help with career development, the admissions process and SAT prep.


Art: Invisible Differences: $2000
Applicant: D’Alessandro/LaPanne
Specialized 3d art workshop from local artist who focuses on identifying ‘hidden’ strengths from within to celebrate our uniqueness and our differences. Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of individuality and learning difficulties while exploring creativity through art.

Math Tools: $1200
Applicant: Erin Foley
This grant provides mini whiteboards and math manipulatives to encourage innovation in learning styles and to promote healthy group working. The ability to try out different approaches and erase them easily gives sharing confidence and can reduce the fear of ‘failure’. A ‘do and review’ approach develops a math mindset and reduces math anxiety in students.Deer Hill


Modern Classroom: $22,847
Applicants: Kim Kurker/Lisa Radden
This grant is focused on increasing student learning engagement by creating a safe and flexible learning space for students who need a non-traditional classroom environment to thrive. The grant provides universal design furnishings, technology, sensory seating and storage and is a flexible and adaptable space for multi-functional purposes.

STEM Integration, phase 2: $1500
Applicant: Suzi Corkhum
This grant partners with an outside consultant to provide teacher training to show teachers how to write and use code, as well as training them on the use of the Circuit Playground, ROOT Robotics and PyGamer components available at the school. The aim is to integrate STEM tools , technologies and principles into other areas of the curriculum and increase teacher confidence in differentiated ways to support learning standards in their subject areas.

STEAM Lab: $29,940
Applicants: Alex Sullivan/Lisa Radden
The STEAM Lab is ‘phase 1’ of a broader project to bring an ‘Innovation and Literacy Commons’ to Deer Hill. The lab will adjoin to a large room and will provide a range of technology, specialized furniture and technology equipment to support communication, collaboration and critical thinking skill development in class.

Deer Hill Courtyard Learning Space – $20,000
Applicants: Alex Sullivan, Brendan Nee
This grant covers the design and landscaping of the space to maximize use of the Deer Hill Courtyard as a flexible outdoor learning space to incorporate an amphitheater, wooden benches and seating, the Deer Hill garden, outdoor toys, plant beds and plants as well as some maintenance equipment.

STEM Integration – $8400*
Applicant: Suzi Corkhum
This grant is to provide students hands-on experiences where they interact with the coding programs they write, and to see how this code responds to their input. As well as providing educators opportunities to discover ways they can use technology and coding to teach standards in math and science. A specialist will come in to facilitate every class in Deer Hill having access to this learning.

* There is a surplus amount from the last STEM grant to Suzi that will be deducted from this grant amount by the finance office.

** This application was duplicated to the PSO as well as the CEF so there was a decision to split the amount with the PSO. They have funded $1600 in addition to our $1896, with the assumption that the technical equipment requested in the initial application is already provided by the school.


Computer Lab Smart Board: $7000
Applicant: Lehr/O’Brien
This grant provides a mobile interactive flat panel screen for the Osgood Computer Lab to create an interactive learning environment that is equitable to all learning abilities and developmental ages.

Art: Invisible Differences: $2700
Applicants: McPhillips/Carabba/Winter
Specialized 3d art workshop from local artist who focuses on identifying ‘hidden’ strengths from within to celebrate our uniqueness and our differences. Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of individuality and learning difficulties while exploring creativity through art.


SAC Conference Attendance, – $850
Applicant: Robyn Costa (on behalf of all 5 Student Adjustment Counselors)
This grant allows all 5 School Adjustment Counselors to attend a two-day conference lead by Massachusetts School Counselor Association. This will allow for across grade level learning, collaboration and information gathering as well as allowing the School Adjustment Counselors to further immerse themselves in topics including school counseling ethics, their changing role since the pandemic and culturally sensitive counseling.


The Cohasset Education Foundation is pleased to present a check for $35,520


Ukelele Program John DeWaal $2757.50
John DeWaal was awarded $2757.50 to purchase 30 soprano ukuleles and supporting kit in order to offer a program to learn the fundamentals on ukulele as well as care, maintenance, proper technique, reading music notation and playing notes, chords and songs. Students in the 5th grade (and beyond) will have the opportunity to play an instrument outside of the traditional concert band instruments and can choose to perform in concerts and chorus and other opportunities throughout the school year.

First Lego League Suzi Corkhum $2000
Suzi Corkhum was awarded $2000 to extend a previously awarded ‘First Lego League’ program – this will allow the program to continue  and then be included as part of the school budget to continue it’s existence on an ongoing basis.

Root Robotics and Coding Grant Suzi Corkhum $3,600
Purchase Root Robots class packs to be used for math, science and technology lessons. This includes PD opportunities for educators to explore curriculum connections to implement this technology in their teaching practices. Grant request includes Root Robot and iPad mini purchase, teacher development time, professional consultant, and PD stipend. This is replacing the Spheros which no longer work.

Yoga at Deer Hill Margaret Holland $2,650
Provide an opportunity for students to experience and enjoy a yoga class at the Deer Hill School. This grant would enable every class (grades 3-5) to sign up for two (hour-long) Yoga classes throughout the academic year. Teachers would sign up for 2 classes, similar to how teachers sign up for Reading Rovers. Request is for yoga mats and yoga teacher.

Cafeteria A/V System: Alex Sullivan, Cassandra O’Brien $18,750
Purchase and install an audio and video system in the Deer Hill cafeteria.  This will allow the cafeteria to be used as a multi-media space for larger groups of students. It will also be available for staff meetings, PSO meetings, and other district functions. The PSO has agreed to fund $4,000.

CMS — Clock building: Laura Swartz $520
This grant is for materials for students to make clocks.

Hike, Bike, Like your Watershed: An into to GIS and Cohasset’s Stewardship collaboration with Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Brian Scott $10,000
This request is for a collaboration with CSCR to build free-to-students, open to all, online and neighborhood based GIS (geographic information systems) class that engages students and their families in STEM and Civics activities via the ArcGIS platform made free to schools by ESRI. This will be open to 50 students this summer.

The Cohasset Education Foundation: Spring 2021 Grant Awards = $48,600
Project Adventure, Grades 6-12, CMS & CHS — $48,600
This grant will be used to purchase materials, equipment and installation that include an indoor climbing wall and multi-swing to begin the transition from traditional PE classes to more student-centered challenges. Students will learn resiliency and confidence working in groups and individually on various challenges.  Project Adventure combines physical challenges with social and emotional learning.  Through their challenging adventure activities and focused reflection, we are giving our students the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

The Cohasset Education Foundation: Fall 2019 Grants Awarded $26,250

Indoor Sensory Paths, Grades Pre K-2, Osgood and Grades 3-5, Deer Hill — $9,300
Grant covers the installation of Sensory Paths in both schools. Sensory paths are created by using stencils to transform hallways into multidimensional, interactive experiences. There will be four paths in total, two at each school. They will promote cognitive and motor skills for all ages and are special needs-friendly.
Teachers: Ann Bloomer, Marianne Menesale and Michele Curtain (Osgood), Charla Spellman (Deer Hill)

Coding, Grades 3-5, Deer Hill —   $2700
Funded grant includes teacher training sessions with independent coding consultant and all materials needed. The teachers will take the new skills back to their own classrooms to inspire students to learn coding, which promotes problem solving, critical thinking, cause and effect, and much more.
Teacher: Suzi Corkum

Flipped Classroom, Grades 9-12, CHS — $250
Provide funding for software. A “flipped classroom” is an instructional strategy that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering content, often online, outside the classroom. Class time then becomes the place to work through problems, advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning.
Teacher: Jessica Hanssens

Recycling and Composting Initiative, Grades 6-12, CMS & CHS —   $4000
The grant will provide color coded and professionally labeled waste bins in the middle and high school cafeteria, To accommodate the number of students who use the cafeteria, there will be multiple stations of these bins. The new system will promote the separation of food waste for composting and encourage recycling. It will be maintained by the high school’s Green Team.
Teacher: Peter Afanasiw

Cultural Competency Professional Development, All schools — $10,000
Fund a district-wide, one day event with speakers and workshops to build cultural competency for all teachers and administrators. The event is scheduled for March 2020.
Teacher: Aleisa Gittens-Carle, METCO Coordinator

The Cohasset Education Foundation: Fall Grant Awards = $26,140

Creating Life-Long Readers, Cheryl Chapman, Grades 4-5 Deer Hill                                           $800      
Provides funds for Teacher Professional Development Book Club ($300) and After School Reading Club ($500)

Author Study: Patricia Polacco, Jenn Clark, Grades 3-6 Deer Hill                                                $6,000
Fund visit by renowned author Patricia Polacco for three age-appropriate assemblies at Deer Hill and one adult/community presentation at Paul Pratt Library. Purchase book bundles for teachers and bookplates for students. Author visit will enhance reading, arts and Social and Emotional Learning across all three grade levels.

First LEGO League, Suzi Corkhum, Grades 4-5 Deer Hill                                                                $7,070
Expand the First LEGO League program into Deer Hill as afterschool enrichment for grades 4 and 5. Program builds on established robotics program at Middle-High School by providing materials and stipend for teacher time to pilot a program at Deer Hill. Set up and organize students in spring 2019 for competition in fall 2019. Project offers non-sports related afterschool activity that applies STEM concepts to problem solving in a creative, collaborative and fun environment.

CMS Project Based Learning Pilot: Hidden Figures, P. Sullivan, C. Duggan, P. Jewell, K. Agashe 

Grade 7 Cohasset Middle School                                                                                                        $6,930
Fund professional training, PD, curriculum development, student materials and community outreach presentation for pilot program on Project Based Learning. This pilot project will test out the use of PBL based on material from the non-fiction book Hidden Figures. It will incorporate in all core academic subject areas within 7th grade (math, English, science and social studies) and end with a public presentation by students to the community. The program will be created, implemented and reviewed for lessons learned in spring 2019.

Project Based Learning Professional Development, P. Sullivan + 13 CHS Teachers across all subject areas,

Grades 9-12 Cohasset High School                                                                                                     $1,440
Provide funding for High School teachers to attend Middle School Project Critique Workshop relating to Hidden Figures PBL pilot project.

Hydration Station, Peter Afanasiw, Grades 6-12 Cohasset Middle High                                           $3,900
Purchase and install one touch-free Hydration Station. This will make one station available each in Middle School and High School wings at CMHS. (First hydration station already receiving funding from an outside donation.) Project was developed by CHS environmental club the Green Team. Goal is to reduce use of single-use, disposable plastic bottles by offering a more hygienic (no hands or mouths contact dispenser) and filtered water dispenser. Decreases plastic waste in the environment. Expect CMHS to be responsible for service (filter replacement) and ongoing maintenance of Hydration Stations.

The Cohasset Education Foundation: Spring 2019 Grant Awards = $48,700

 Osgood Specialists – 21st C Learning Spaces, Bradley, Diminnie, Frank, Lehr  OS                     $26,750
Purchase technology equipment for Osgood Specialist classrooms (Art, Music, Library, Technology) to enhance learning experience and leverage skills of specialist teachers. Brings equipment access up to level of all grade designated classrooms.

Osgood Garden Expansion Project, Michelle Joyce  OS                                                                   $2,000
Improve and expand existing outdoor garden at Osgood. Extend access to garden for all students and expand curriculum opportunities, including STEM, through hands-on experiential learning. (Cost includes $1,625 in equipment and $375 consultant time.)

Literacy Home/School Connection through Technology, Lisa Farrell, Liz Deininger  OS                $5,000
Purchase individual licenses for LexiaCore5 Reading Program to offer students opportunity to practice six areas of reading instruction at home and school through research proven, motivational reading technology tool. Program has been piloted and shown to be beneficial to struggling students in particular, but can be adapted to all reading levels including advanced readers. Provides license funding for all K classes (103 students) plus twenty 1st and 2nd grade students who currently receive intervention assistance.

Understanding Cultural Proficiency, Aleisa Gittens-Carle  CPS District-wide                                      $770
Create a targeted book club for teachers and staff to continue the conversations begun at high school following screening of The Hate You Give, in preparation for Professional Day program on cultural proficiency (May 20, 2020). Funds will purchase 15 copies each of two books selected for conversations about race.

WeDo Supplemental Materials – First LEGO League, Suzi Corkham  DH                                              $630
Provides First LEGO League/Robotics enrichment program with 3 additional WeDo kits to meet greater demand for participation by students. Illustrates success of DH LEGO and Robotics enrichment activity.

Deer Hill Community Garden, Alex Sullivan  DH                                                                                       $2,500
Support and expand the newly established Deer Hill Community Garden to promote interdisciplinary academic needs of students. Integrated garden curriculum will also support social-emotional learning and opportunities for hands-on learning. (Cost includes $1,150 materials and $1,350 consultant instructional time.)

Lab Equipment for CHS Genetics and Biotechnology Class, Ed Savage  CHS                                        $3,000
Purchase pipettes and gel electrophoresis chambers (2 Fisherbrand Elite Pipette Kits and 1 Four-set Mini-Sub Cell GT Tanks) to meet unexpectedly strong enrollment in Genetics and Biotechnology class. Additional materials will allow more students to engage more efficiently in authentic college-level research. Funds will support the unexpectedly high enrollment for the 2019-20 school year. Any subsequent equipment needs will be included in regular school budget.

Free Voluntary Reading Program (World Languages) Jeff Kotter, Karina Nelson                                    $3,000
Create a free voluntary reading program for students grades 8-12 studying Spanish. Students would be encouraged to choose from a wide variety of topics at level-appropriate novellas or short stories in Spanish to supplement core curriculum. This request expands a successful pilot program among 11 and 12 grade students from the 2018-19 school year. Funds would purchase an expanded library of Spanish language reading material and support a small amount of teacher development time ($333)

Cohasset Carrot Project, Kara Lantier  CMHS                                                                                                 $2,100
Build six raised garden beds in the Middle School courtyard to plan, sow and harvest carrot plants. Project will support 7th grade science curriculum with hands-on, PBL study of habitats, abiotic and biotic factors and levels of organization and 11th grade environmental science curriculum in Ecosystems and Biomes. This project has the added benefit of engaging students in growing and harvesting healthy foods, and would provide consistent program of experiential learning in gardens from all four schools. (Cost includes $1,800 in materials and $300 outside consultant instructional time.)

3D Printers for Eventual Makers Space, Erlandsen, Jewell, St. Peter, Cerruti  CMS                                      $2,950
Purchase two Prusa Research 3D printers to support current CMS STEM curriculum and CHS LEGO Robotics Club, dehumidifier and 15 hours of teacher development time. This project would meet the needs for the 2019-20 school year and lay groundwork for development of a true Maker’s Space within the CMS STEM curriculum redesign being developed for the subsequent school year.

Note: One Off-Cycle grant in the amount of $750 was awarded February 27, 2019 for Environmental Science Independent Study: Water Testing. This grant funded the purchase of equipment to test fresh water within the Cohasset Public Schools and Lily Pond as part of an independent study project developed by CHS seniors Annie Toomey, Maeve Humphrey and Emma Stephens. This grant is NOT included in the total $48,700 listed above.

The CEF funded the following 10 grants totaling $43,263 in the 2017-2018 school year.

Elementary Rhythm Band $19,925: Purchased xylophones as part of an elementary rhythm band project. The instruments and associated curriculum provide K-2 students hands-on opportunity to build musical skills and literacy and experience ensemble performance. Joe Bradley, Osgood

Strengthening Math Fact Fluency $3,295: Purchase digital license for Reflex software which strengthens math skills (automaticity) through game-based practice. This system has been shown to lower students stress over time-based systems and to enhance engagement with math facts. Meghan O’Hara, Deer Hill

Education for Civic Life in a Democracy: Implementing New Social Studies Curriculum $8,443: This grant allows Deer Hill and Osgood teachers to expand the new MA state social studies curriculum that is being implemented for grades 6-12 to the elementary level. Students will be better prepared as they enter middle/high school through an emphasis on civics and critical thinking. Includes curriculum materials, professional development and a theater presentation about slavery. Cheryl Chapman, Deer Hill.

Cohasset Middle School Online Newspaper $1,600: Provides for a teacher stipend to manage the year-long production of an online newspaper produced by students in grades 6-8. Students will develop a knowledge of journalistic style, and strengthen writing, organizational and collaborative skills while writing, designing and publishing the paper. Donna Melia, Cohasset Middle School

Digital Learning for SPED, K-2 – $500
Two iPad Pros for dedicated use with students on IEPs to enhance reading, writing and math skill learning. Using the iPads motivates struggling learners to practices skills using a variety of engaging apps so they can have fun while practicing.
Lauren Winter and Sarah Cucinatto, Osgood

Mini Golf for PE, 3-5 – $2,000
Purchase a 9-Hole Miniature Golf set to incorporate within PE curriculum and EMC activities. Students can also design their own golf holes using angles and 3D printer to create courses with obstacle tailored to their ability level. Teaches value of physical activity for pure enjoyment and introduces proper etiquette, conventions and responsible social conduct in physical activity settings.
Brett Youmans, Deer Hill

Alternate Seating Noodle Chairs, for 4th grade classrooms – $1,000
Purchase 14 Smith System noodle chairs to be distributed to the four, 4th grade classroom which do not have them. Will bring total number of noodle chairs for 4th grade to 24 (Principal and teachers to determine equitable allocation). Noodle chairs allow, rather than restrict, student movement in seats which enhances posture, flexibility and focus and promotes better learning.
Katie Carolan and Kara Moser, Deer Hill

Google Expeditions Augmented Reality Kit, 6-12 – $3,500
Employ Google Expeditions class set of 30 AR devices and supporting equipment to augment existing history, English, science, art, and music curriculum across all grade levels. (May also be used by Guidance Office for AR tours of many colleges.)
Jim Willis, CMHS

Thermocycler for Genetics and Biotechnology Class, 11-12 – $2,000
Aquire laboratory equipment (Thermocycler) which exposes students to hands-on learning by allowing class to quickly make copies of isolated DNA samples. This equipment supports a new class in Genetics and Biotechnology being offered in spring semester. It expands core curriculum in the sciences to meet goals set by Next Generation Science Standards. This equipment allows students to develop skills that are rare at the HS level but are expected in the collegiate research setting.
Ed Savage, CHS

Flexible Classroom Environments (furniture) 6-8 – $1,000
Project goal is to extend flexible classroom environments from DH to CMS by offering flexible seating and Sit and Stand desks for grades 6-8. Alternate seating allows students to use strategies they know work for them while acclimating to an increasingly rigorous academic environment.
Kerri Sandler, CMS

The CEF funded the following two grants totaling $261,050 in the 2016 – 2017 school year. 

Learning Commons at the Middle/High School – $250,000
We limited our typical grant cycle and focused solely on the capital campaign for the new Learning Commons at the Middle/High School.

Deer Hill 3D Printer – $11,050
CEF funded grant request from the Deer Hill School for a 3D printer. It will be used across all grade levels to engage students with their curriculum through experiential learning. Congratulations to Dr. DeChiara and her faculty for using innovative technology to enhance critical thinking, analytical, creative and technological skills in the classroom!

The CEF funded the following 17 grants totaling $89,701 in the 2015 – 2016 school year.

Bee Bots Coding and Robotics Initiative – $8,835
Funds implementation of innovative programming robotics initiative for grades K-2.  Bee Bots promotes hands-on STEAM learning throughout the Osgood School. (J. DeWall, C. O’Brien – Osgood)

Public address system for the Osgood School – $3,976
Purchase of P.A. equipment plus microphones, stand and cables to support the music program at Osgood. (B. Montgomery – Osgood)

Promoting Social and Emotional Learning – $5,253
Funding to purchase additional furniture to facilitate executive functioning within each classroom, additional staff training at the annual PBIS conference and professional development as needed to solidify Social and Emotional Learning from grades K-5. (J. DeChiara, R. Costa, D.Vinton – Osgood and Deer Hill)

Sphero Robotic Coding Initiative – $6,000
Provides funds to purchase 2 class sets of 12 Spheros (programmable, app-enabled robot balls) 12 iPod Touchs, charging strips, and carts with remainder to PD time. Sphero teaches students basic coding skills, allows them to work collaboratively, and encourages creative problem solving in STEM tasks. (S. Corkhum, D. Henry – Deer Hill)

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo; Explorer in Residence – $5,000
Pays for the talent and services of an outside consultant from Young Audiences of Massachusetts. His work includes a mix of assemblies, individual classes and Explorer-In-Residence workshops which promote critical thinking and project-based learning. (K. Johnston – Deer Hill)

Sit and Stand Work Stations – $1,500
Provides funding for 2 sets of flexible ARC table/desks and chairs as a pilot project for alternative furnishings to promote improved physiological response and executive functioning in a High School social studies classroom. (P. Afanasiw – CMHS)

STEM Instruction Curriculum Enhancement – $6,000
Grant includes consultant time for professional development for one day each at the Osgood and Deer Hill Schools and the purchase of equipment needed to upgrade STEM curriculum at both schools. (L. Demas – Osgood and Deer Hill)

Little Bits for Education: Experiential Learning – $4,307
Funds will be used to purchase Little Bits Kits ($3,887) and professional development time for teachers ($420). Little Bits promotes invention, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in a 21st Century learning model (C. O’Brien, D. Henry – Deer Hill).

Deer Hill Library’s Transformation to a 21st C Media Center – $4,400
Purchase wireless presentation equipment ($4,050) and stipends for INST Specialist and Librarian ($350).  This grant will facilitate ease of group presentations by replacing outdated equipment (J. McDonald, J.DeChiara – Deer Hill)

Maximizing Differentiation and Specialized Instruction with Technology Tools – $6,800
Funds will allow SPED faculty to purchase assistive technology tools to aid  students who face challenges with reading and writing, specifically 5 iPads and related equipment, License for Learning Ally, visual presenters and additional equipment (J. Bradford, K. Foley – Deer Hill)

Stop Motion Animation – $9,000
Supports Stop Motion Animation course at CMHS. These funds will be used toward the purchase of equipment (cameras, iMacs, lens, licenses for Dragonframe, power adaptors, lens mounters and hardware) for a unique class which employs the creative use of technology toward self-expression, collaboration, story boarding and project planning (M.Craig, C.Connolly – CMHS)

Phase II of Furniture Design – $14,000
This grant will cover replacement and installation of the outdated surface planer. With this grant, all equipment will be fully upgraded to support a course which promotes applied math, engineering, design and building concepts (A.LaFountain, C.Connolly – CMHS)

Drug Story Theater – $3,000
Funding to cover the cost of 2 presentations of the improvisational theater group performed by teens in recovery. We are pleased to work in collaboration with the Safe Harbor Coalition and the Cohasset School District to support the social and emotional well-being of our students (C.Connolly – CMHS)

College Fair for Sophomores – $300
Funds to be added to the existing account to cover the cost of buses for a 10th grade field trip to the college fair in Boston in the spring of 2016 (C.Connolly – CMHS)

Stage lights for Osgood Gymatorium – $2,475
Purchase new LED stage lights for Osgood school holiday performances (R.LeCount – Osgood)

LEGO Robotics for Middle and High School – $6,409
(L. Humphrey, R. Erlandansen – CMHS)

Model UN at the High School – $2,446
(C. Luvisi, J. Willis – CHS)

The CEF funded the following 12 grants totaling $100,675 for the 2014 – 2015 school year.

Photographay Course (HS) — $17,900
Revamp the photography art program from analog to digital by funding digital SLR camers and allow students to further explore visual literacy.

Building a Positive Learning Environment (OS/DH) — $15,085
Support school-wide training and professional development utilizing nationally recognized program in “positive behavioral interventions and supports” for staff, ESPs, specialists and support staff.

Teaching Metacognition Through Documentary making (DH) — $14,945
Fund school wide innovation project utilizing videotaping as a teaching and learning tool for both students in metacognition and critical thinking skills and teachers for professional development.

Universal Design for Executive Function (DH) — $11,127
Fund educational materials, teacher resources and furniture to meet the needs of students with executive, anxiety and sensory integration needs and aid students in organizing, sustaining attention and management movement needs.

Technology Initiative at Osgood (OS) — $11,081
Create and implement six hands on professional development technology workshops designed to support teachers as they utilize digital tools to analyze data and the interactive whiteboard technology in their classroom to directly impact student learning.

Furniture Design Course (HS) — $10,318
Replace outdated tools and equipment utilized in furniture design course which promotes student exploration of engineering, design and building concepts (phase 1 of project).

Leading Future Learning (DH) — $6,931
Fund curriculum development, pilot classrooms and teacher technology for professional learning community (PLC) concentrating on implementation of strategies for peer-based learning and best-practices for 21st century learning.

Language Immersion Professional Development (MS) — $4,600
Enable middle school World Language Department to attend 3-day full immersion workshop offered by Massacusetts Foreign Language Association.

Writing Non-Fiction eBooks (OS) — $3,588
Enable second graders to be able to research and create eBooks for state geography research project on iPads.

Gizmos Science Simulation (MS) — $2,400
Fund on-line science simulation software for grades 6-8 and teacher curriculum development time.

College Fair for Sophomores (HS) — $1,500
Support 10th grade field trip to Boston college fair (sponsored by NACAC) in April and allow students to talk to representatives from national and international programs.

Temporary Planetarium (MS) — $1,200
Fund mobile planetarium and teacher time to incorporate unique Harvard planetarium equipment into 7th grade astronomy unit.

The CEF funded the following 12 grants totaling $61,836 for the 2013 – 2014 school year. 

Theatre / Arts Program (MS/HS) — $12,500
Enhance the auditorium sound and lighting equipment to provide a more energy efficient system and a more enjoyable experience. Co-funded with the Cohasset PSO and South Shore Music Circus.

Learning Commons (MS/HS) — $12,000
Phase One of the effort to reconfigure library into a “learning commons” that will allow students and faculty to work collaboratively with open space and access to on-line research tools.

Articulating the College Process for Families” (HS) — $7,500
Grant funds external speakers, informational evening events and the creation of a parent/student handbook to make the college admissions process a bit less daunting. Informational evening event is targeted at parents of juniors and will be held on Monday, February 10th.

Digital Literacies Writing Program (Deer Hill) — $7,398
Create a series of technology-enhanced lesson plans for writing instruction in line with common core and new writing curriculum.

FIRST LEGO™ League Robotics Program (MS/HS) — $6,525
Continue to support after-school club for students to design, build, and program robots as part of the global FIRST LEGO™ Tech Challenge teams.

Rock Climbing Wall (Osgood) — $3,740
Enhance physical education curriculum with a rock climbing wall.

Facilitating Learning Through Technology (Deer Hill) — $3,350
Pilot uses technology to augment the learning experience for children with disabilities or executive functioning weaknesses.

Model UN Club (MS/HS) — $2,446
Support creation of Model UN club to promote knowledge and articulation of global issues.

Three Season Green House (Osgood) — $2,219
Install green house that will enable students to engage in and observe the planting/growing process through the school year. Co-funded with the Cohasset PSO.

Digital Lobby Sign (Deer Hill) — $1,900
Showcase student work and programs through pictures and video in the front lobby.

Brain Pop Software Program (Osgood) — $1,200
Leverage new digital technology in the classroom by providing activities in line with common core across all subjects.

Immigrant Experience Program (Deer Hill) — $1,058
Teach students about the history of immigration through two musical assemblies and linked classroom activities.

The CEF funded the following 8 grants totaling $74,424 for the 2012 – 2013 school year. 

Apple Mac Lab for Technology Courses (HS) — $20,000
Re-introduces technology curriculum to high school with courses in video production and computer technology.

Digital Presenters in Classrooms (DH) — $14,400
Mounted digital presenters and interactive white boards in every classroom at Deer Hill. Grant co-funded with the town technology budget.

WeatherBug (ALL) — $12,710
WeatherBug is a state-of-the-art weather station for precisely monitoring local and global weather information. Data from weather station is incorporated into math and science curriculum. Grant co-funded with South Shore Playhouse Association, Cohasset Soccer Club and Cohasset Youth Lacrosse Club.

FIRST LEGO™ League Robotics Program (MS/HS) — $9,614
Supports growing after-school club for students to design, build and program robots as part of the global FIRST LEGO™ Tech Challenge teams.

Author Visit Program (DH) — $7,350
Day-long writing worships for grades 4 and 5 led by Newbery award-winning author Jack Gantos and book blogger Anita Silvey.
CSCR Summer

SeaPerch Exploration Program (HS) — $3,550
Center for Student Coastal Research (CSCR) project to build remotely operated vehicles to document critical habitat in Cohasset Harbor.

Simple Machines Module in Technology Lab (MS) — $3,500
EGO™ simple and motorized machine kits for Cohasset Middle School Technology Lab.

Yoga in the Classrooms Program (OS/DH) — $1,300
Trains three faculty members at Osgood and Deer Hill on how to incorporate and practice simple yoga techniques into the classroom. These teachers will in turn train other teachers and serve as ongoing resource.