We encourage innovation and creativity in the classroom by providing our teachers and schools with the incremental resources needed to turn a great idea into a reality.  All grant requests must be generated by teachers and/or administrators.

The CEF supports grants that focus on pilot projects, curriculum enhancement, one-time capital projects, and technology for which funding is not otherwise available within the school district budget. These grants are like “venture capital in the teaching world,” providing critical seed money for programs that enhance the learning experience of our students.  Grant funds are designed to cover costs including:  curriculum development (stipend for teacher time), materials, external speakers/consultants, and other expenses associated with developing and/or executing the program. Once proven successful, these programs may then be folded into the on-going curriculum. The CEF does not fund grants that could be considered ongoing operating expenses, teacher salaries or bonuses. 

Awarded grants are generally aligned with the school district’s overall goals.  We aim to support initiatives across grade levels and subjects in several key areas:

  • 21st century classroom
  • Expanding core curriculum
  • Support for Arts, Music, Humanities curriculum
  • After school enrichment
  • College prep
  • Selective professional development 

The criteria that we use to evaluate each application include:  impact (breadth and depth), sustainability, and cost efficiency.  Post-award, we focus on measuring, tracking and communicating the success and impact of each of our grants to ensure that we continue to fund high-value, high-return projects.