Grants in Action

Google Expeditions Augmented Reality Kits

Provided the Google Expeditions class a set of 30 AR devices and supporting equipment to augment existing history, English, science, art, and music curriculum across all grade levels. (Also used by Guidance Office for AR tours of many colleges.)

Noodle Chairs

Purchased 14 Smith System noodle chairs to be distributed to the four, 4th grade classroom which do not have them. Brought the total number of noodle chairs for 4th grade to 24 (Principal and teachers to determine equitable allocation). Noodle chairs allow, rather than restrict, student movement in seats which enhances posture, flexibility and focus and promotes better learning.
Katie Carolan and Kara Moser, Deer Hill

Sphero Robotic Coding Initiative

Provided funds to purchase 2 class sets of 12 Spheros (programmable, app-enabled robot balls) 12 iPod Touchs, charging strips, and carts with remainder to PD time. Sphero teaches students basic coding skills, allows them to work collaboratively, and encourages creative problem solving in STEM tasks.

Bee Bots

Funded the implementation of innovative programming robotics initiative for grades K-2. Bee Bots promotes hands-on STEAM learning throughout the Osgood School.

Little Bits Experimental Learning

Little Bits promotes invention, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in a 21st Century learning model.

Stop Motion

Supported the Stop Motion Animation course at CMHS. These funds were used toward the purchase of equipment (cameras, iMacs, lens, licenses for Dragonframe, power adaptors, lens mounters and hardware) for a unique class which employs the creative use of technology toward self-expression, collaboration, story boarding and project planning.

Furniture Design Grant

Replaced outdated tools and equipment utilized in furniture design course which promotes student exploration of engineering, design and building concepts.

Osgood School Rockwall Grant

Enhanced physical education curriculum with a rock climbing wall.

Technology Grant

Pilot uses technology to augment the learning experience for children with disabilities or executive functioning weaknesses.