October 18, 2018 – October 22, 2018 all-day
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Spelling Bee Rules

  1. Each team will consist of two members including the designated writer.
  2. The Master of Ceremonies (MC) will pronounce the word, give the definition of the word, use it in a sentence and pronounce the word once more.  Be careful to listen closely, for the word provided may be used in its plural form or another verb tense.
  3. The word will be repeated one additional time if requested by a team.
  4. Team members collaborate on the spelling of the word. Individual note pads and pencils will be supplied.  Each team will print the word legibly on a white board that is provided. All teams will complete the writing of the words within 30 seconds and will be instructed to put down all markers at that time.  A 10 second warning will be given.
  5. All teams will display their white boards at the same time as directed by the MC.
  6. To spell a word correctly, a speller never need specify that the initial letter is a capital letter or a lower case letter.
  7. Upon misspelling a word, the team will be eliminated.  If all remaining teams spell the word incorrectly, no one will be eliminated and a new word will be given.  All teams in a round remain on stage until the round is completed.
  8. When only one team has not been eliminated, that team will be declared the winner of that round.  The winning team of each round will then compete in the Championship Round until there is one winning team for the grade level.
  9. Members of the winning team at each grade level will receive a trophy.  All participants receive a tee-shirt and a participant ribbon.
  10. Most, but not all, words used in the Spelling Bee will be selected from the National Spelling Bee Pronouncer’s Guide.
  11. The decision of the judges is final.