Donor Information

The CEF has funded more than $1.5 million in grants, comprised of approximately 160 grants as of Spring 2022. Since inception, 1,256 Individual Donors have contributed more than $1.8 million, and corporate support totals approximately $127,000 either in the form of advertisements or grants. The CEF has received Matching Gifts totaling just under $135,000. The CEF has also built a principal-preserved endowment to ensure the long-term health of the Cohasset school district. Our donor base consists of:

  • Parents and relatives who want to enrich their family’s education experience
  • Residents who want to support our kids, our town, our future
  • Senior citizens who want to positively impact their grandchildren, neighbors and young residents
  • Alumni with town pride who want to support future generations of graduates
  • Business owners who support their community
  • Homeowners who want to protect the value of their most important asset

The CEF continues to work hard to communicate our mission to the community with the goal of growing our donor base year to year. To recognize our donors, we have established the following giving levels. Each year we recognize our generous donors by level in a full-page publication advertisement:

Annual Giving Levels

Legacy Circle – ($10,000 or greater – pledged in one year)
Family Leadership – (divided into three levels: $1,000+; $2,500+; $5,000+ – pledge in one year)
High Honors – ($500-$999 – pledged in one year)
First Honors – ($100-$499 – pledged in one year)
Honor Roll – (Up to $99 – pledged in one year)

Lifetime Giving Levels

Valedictorian – ($50,000 total lifetime donation)
Salutatorian – ($40,000 total lifetime donation)
Summa Cum Laude – ($30,000 total lifetime donation)
Maxima Cum Laude – ($20,000 total lifetime donation)
Magna Cum Laude – ($10,000 total lifetime donation)
Cum Laude – ($5,000 total lifetime donation)

To date the CEF has received just under $135,000 in matching gifts.  A matching gifts is a great way to increase your donation level.  To determine if your company offers a matching gift program, click here.

The CEF gratefully thanks all donors who actively support the CEF. We are fortunate to be a part of a community that generously recognizes the importance of fostering excellence in public education.

Every donation big or small will make an impact! Donate to the CEF today!