Cohasset Public Schools was awarded a $10,000 grant from the Cohasset Education Foundation on Dec. 20 for the fall grant cycle to cover a variety of projects across all three school buildings. CEF President Jen Ognibene and Treasurer Caitlin Appleton were both eager to present the funds to the School Committee on behalf of the foundation.

“We are excited and hopefully the teachers will be fruitful with their grants,” said Ognibene.

Some of the major projects covered by the funds will include a Google Expeditions Augmented Reality Kit for the Middle-High School, which will give students a chance to explore the educational benefits of virtual reality, and a mini golf program at the Deer Hill School, which integrates the concept of mini golf across the curriculum.

Other key projects funded by the grant include the Special Education Digital Learning program at the Osgood School, a thermocycler for the genetics and biotechnology class for eleventh and twelfth graders, and flexible classroom environments for grades six through eight.

The grant will also cover alternate seating noodle chair for fourth grade classrooms. Ognibene said the CEF has funded $40,000 in alternative seating and universal design across the schools and feels their commitment to the strategic directive is complete.

Additionally, the CEF announced the reallocation of $11,535 of unused funds from other grants across the three schools. Superintendent Louise Demas said the reallocation of funds has been well received by faculty members.

“This has been very exciting for everyone,” Demas said.

Cohasset Mariner