Only approximately $25,000 is left to be raised in order to reach the project’s $250,000 fundraising goal which is slated for completion in time for the upcoming school year.

This “generous gift” marks the 100th grant awarded by the CEF over their 10-year history.

“We commend the progress this team is making in implementing this major project in time for school opening in September,” said CEF President Cindy Matheison. “So far, so good.”

The Learning Commons project that will transform the middle-high school library has received overwhelming support from a variety of community members. Both current and former parents of Cohasset Public School students alike have demonstrated a commitment to the project’s implementation as the school attempts to stay up to date with today’s rapidly-evolving technology.

In addition to its swift progress, Matheison also noted the project is coming in under-budget.

“I’m exceedingly confident that this project is definitely going to happen in all the ways that we look forward to,” she said.

Any additional disbursements, according to Matheison, may cover some of the costs of things such as furniture or any other budgeted items which are now on order.

Members of the School Committee have lauded the efforts of the CEF in helping progress this inportant project. Superintendent Louise Demas assured the board that as president of the foundation, Matheison has been in the loop as the project has progressed over time.

“She even knows the color schemes,” Demas joked.

Yet Matheson continues to credit the project for sparking local interest in supporting public schools and their promotion of quality education as the foundation welcomes aboard seven new board members in the upcoming fiscal year.

“This project has really embraced the whole community so we’re grateful for that and I see good things going forward,” Matheison said.

The foundation intends on issuing its final disbursement after the end of the fiscal year on June 30.