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About the Cohasset Education Foundation

The Cohasset Education Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt community-based organization whose mission is to ensure that Cohasset students, teachers and administrators have access to the programs, materials and up-to-date equipment necessary to maintain a level of academic excellence in today’s competitive environment.

The CEF raises funds throughout the year through contributions from residents, businesses and corporate and private enterprises who recognize that excellence in public education is essential to the social and economic fabric of our community.

Entirely independent of the school system, the CEF maintains a close partnership with the school administration and evaluates for funding those needs submitted for consideration by teachers and administrators.

The CEF is not intended to supplant or replace the public funding of our schools.

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Giving by Category

2019 to Current


DIF (Differentiated Learning Through Universal Design) - $40,597


Facility Enhancements - $22,650


Literacy, Arts, Enrichments, Other - $16,490


PD (Professional Development) - $13,440


SEL (Programs to Support Social and Emotional Well-Being ) - $61,106


STEAM (Digital Learning and Steam Initiatives) - $104,450