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The CEF is pleased to announce the launch of our 2016/2017

“Library to Learning Commons”capital campaign.

We are committed to raising $250,000 for the transformation of the Cohasset Middle High School Library. All funds donated in the 2016-17 school year will go directly to this campaign.


“The plan for the new CMHS Learning Commons is a modern, colorful design that will draw students and teachers in. It will be an inviting space where every student and teacher is welcome and can find a suitable place, whether it’s a comfortable chair in a quiet spot, a space for small group collaboration, or an area to gather a larger group for a dynamic presentation. This is an exciting project with far-reaching benefits for our students and the community!”

Kathy Cerruti, CMHS Librarian

What is the Library to Learning Commons Project?

The existing library, which is now used for storage and retrieval of books in a very confining space, will be transformed into a multi-purpose learning environment with a modern feel and greater digital connectivity.

For the past three years, a team of teachers, students, administrators and community members has worked to create a plan in which 21st Century teaching tools and methods can be deployed for educational excellence. Stefura Associates, who previously worked on the Paul Pratt Library, was selected to create the design.

The project scope includes new lighting, furniture, flooring, window treatments, presentation equipment, digital infrastructure, and paint. In addition, the design will incorporate a more cohesive blend of the indoor/outdoor spaces, taking advantage of natural light, new outdoor furniture and a courtyard gathering spot. The Learning Commons will be a flexible space that can also be used for community gatherings and events.

Shorter stacks, natural light, new furniture and more technology connectivity points are some of the highlights of the new CMHS Learning Commons.  Images courtesy of Stefura Associates.

What is the timing and impact of this project?

Renovations will take place this summer with the grand opening in September 2017. All students currently enrolled in grades 5 through 11 and other community members will immediately benefit from the new space. Younger children will benefit as they mature through the school system.

Shorter stacks, natural light, new furniture and more technology connectivity points are some of the highlights of the new CMHS Learning Commons.

Why is the CEF focused on this project?

The CMHS Library to Learning Commons Project aligns with the CEF’s core principles of promoting excellence in education.  It also directly supports the major school district strategic goals in providing universal-design furnishings, differentiated learning methods, digital literacy, and an overall focus on social interaction. This initiative will bring Cohasset alongside our peers in Duxbury, Hingham and Marshfield—all of whom share the Learning Commons philosophy. Research indicates that improvements in library and media services have a direct correlation with student achievement.

We are proud to work together with the schools and the community to launch this campaign.  We will be hosting a series of cocktail parties in November and December to provide more information about this exciting project. Please help us support the Library to Learning Commons Capital Campaign by making an investment today in the future of our education and the town of Cohasset!







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