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Awarded Grants

Since 2007, the CEF has awarded 99 grants to our schools

totaling just under $1,000,000!


16-17 School Year

Deer Hill 3D Printer

CEF funded an $11,050 grant request from the Deer Hill School for a 3D printer. It will be used across all grade levels to engage students with their curriculum through experiential learning. Congratulations to Dr. DeChiara and her faculty for using innovative technology to enhance critical thinking, analytical, creative and technological skills in the classroom!

15-16 School Year

The CEF funded the following 17 grants totaling $89,701 in the 2015-16 school year.

Bee Bots Coding and Robotics Initiative - $8,835

Funds implementation of innovative programming robotics initiative for grades K-2.  Bee Bots promotes hands-on STEAM learning throughout the Osgood School. (J. DeWall, C. O’Brien – Osgood)

Public address system for the Osgood School - $3,976

Purchase of P.A. equipment plus microphones, stand and cables to support the music program at Osgood. (B. Montgomery – Osgood)

Promoting Social and Emotional Learning - $5,253

 Funding to purchase additional furniture to facilitate executive functioning within each classroom, additional staff training at the annual PBIS conference and professional development as needed to solidify Social and Emotional Learning from grades K-5. (J. DeChiara, R. Costa, D.Vinton – Osgood and Deer Hill)

Sphero Robotic Coding Initiative - $6,000

Provides funds to purchase 2 class sets of 12 Spheros (programmable, app-enabled robot balls) 12 iPod Touchs, charging strips, and carts with remainder to PD time. Sphero teaches students basic coding skills, allows them to work collaboratively, and encourages creative problem solving in STEM tasks. (S. Corkhum, D. Henry – Deer Hill)

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo; Explorer in Residence - $5,000

Pays for the talent and services of an outside consultant from Young Audiences of Massachusetts. His work includes a mix of assemblies, individual classes and Explorer-In-Residence workshops which promote critical thinking and project-based learning. (K. Johnston – Deer Hill)

Sit and Stand Work Stations - $1,500

Provides funding for 2 sets of flexible ARC table/desks and chairs as a pilot project for alternative furnishings to promote improved physiological response and executive functioning in a High School social studies classroom. (P. Afanasiw – CMHS)

STEM Instruction Curriculum Enhancement - $6,000

Grant includes consultant time for professional development for one day each at the Osgood and Deer Hill Schools and the purchase of equipment needed to upgrade STEM curriculum at both schools. (L. Demas – Osgood and Deer Hill)

Little Bits for Education: Experiential Learning - $4,307

Funds will be used to purchase Little Bits Kits ($3,887) and professional development time for teachers ($420). Little Bits promotes invention, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in a 21st Century learning model (C. O’Brien, D. Henry – Deer Hill).

Deer Hill Library’s Transformation to a 21st C Media Center - $4,400

Purchase wireless presentation equipment ($4,050) and stipends for INST Specialist and Librarian ($350).  This grant will facilitate ease of group presentations by replacing outdated equipment (J. McDonald, J.DeChiara – Deer Hill)

Maximizing Differentiation and Specialized Instruction with Technology Tools - $6,800

Funds will allow SPED faculty to purchase assistive technology tools to aid  students who face challenges with reading and writing, specifically 5 iPads and related equipment, License for Learning Ally, visual presenters and additional equipment (J. Bradford, K. Foley – Deer Hill)

Stop Motion Animation - $9,000

Supports Stop Motion Animation course at CMHS. These funds will be used toward the purchase of equipment (cameras, iMacs, lens, licenses for Dragonframe, power adaptors, lens mounters and hardware) for a unique class which employs the creative use of technology toward self-expression, collaboration, story boarding and project planning (M.Craig, C.Connolly – CMHS)

Phase II of Furniture Design - $14,000

This grant will cover replacement and installation of the outdated surface planer. With this grant, all equipment will be fully upgraded to support a course which promotes applied math, engineering, design and building concepts (A.LaFountain, C.Connolly – CMHS)

Drug Story Theater - $3,000

Funding to cover the cost of 2 presentations of the improvisational theater group performed by teens in recovery. We are pleased to work in collaboration with the Safe Harbor Coalition and the Cohasset School District to support the social and emotional well-being of our students (C.Connolly – CMHS)

College Fair for Sophomores - $300

Funds to be added to the existing account to cover the cost of buses for a 10th grade field trip to the college fair in Boston in the spring of 2016 (C.Connolly – CMHS)

Stage lights for Osgood Gymatorium - $2,475

Purchase new LED stage lights for Osgood school holiday performances (R.LeCount - Osgood)

LEGO Robotics for Middle and High School - $6,409 (L. Humphrey, R. Erlandansen - CMHS)

Model UN at the High School - $2,446 (C. Luvisi, J. Willis - CHS)


14-15 School Year

Year to date, the CEF has funded 12 grants totaling $100,675.  We anticipate funding a number of exciting grant applications during our spring grant cycle.  

Photographay Course (HS) -- $17,900

Revamp the photography art program from analog to digital by funding digital SLR camers and allow students to further explore visual literacy.

Building a Positive Learning Environment (OS/DH) -- $15,085

Support school-wide training and professional development utilizing nationally recognized program in "positive behavioral interventions and supports" for staff, ESPs, specialists and support staff.

Teaching Metacognition Through Documentary making (DH) -- $14,945

Fund school wide innovation project utilizing videotaping as a teaching and learning tool for both students in metacognition and critical thinking skills and teachers for professional development.

Universal Design for Executive Function (DH) -- $11,127

Fund educational materials, teacher resources and furniture to meet the needs of students with executive, anxiety and sensory integration needs and aid students in organizing, sustaining attention and management movement needs.

Technology Initiative at Osgood (OS) -- $11,081

Create and implement six hands on professional development technology workshops designed to support teachers as they utilize digital tools to analyze data and the interactive whiteboard technology in their classroom to directly impact student learning.

Furniture Design Course (HS) -- $10,318

Replace outdated tools and equipment utilized in furniture design course which promotes student exploration of engineering, design and building concepts (phase 1 of project).

Leading Future Learning (DH) -- $6,931

Fund curriculum development, pilot classrooms and teacher technology for professional learning community (PLC) concentrating on implementation of strategies for peer-based learning and best-practices for 21st century learning.

Language Immersion Professional Development (MS) -- $4,600

Enable middle school World Language Department to attend 3-day full immersion workshop offered by Massacusetts Foreign Language Association.

Writing Non-Fiction eBooks (OS) -- $3,588

Enable second graders to be able to research and create eBooks for state geography research project on iPads.

Gizmos Science Simulation (MS) -- $2,400

Fund on-line science simulation software for grades 6-8 and teacher curriculum development time.

College Fair for Sophomores (HS) -- $1,500

Support 10th grade field trip to Boston college fair (sponsored by NACAC) in April and allow students to talk to representatives from national and international programs.

Temporary Planetarium (MS) -- $1,200

Fund mobile planetarium and teacher time to incorporate unique Harvard planetarium equipment into 7th grade astronomy unit.

'13-'14 School Year

Theatre / Arts Program (MS/HS) -- $12,500

Enhance the auditorium sound and lighting equipment to provide a more energy efficient system and a more enjoyable experience.  Co-funded with the Cohasset PSO and South Shore Music Circus.

Learning Commons (MS/HS) -- $12,000 

Phase One of the effort to reconfigure library into a "learning commons" that will allow students and faculty to work collaboratively with open space and access to on-line research tools.

Articulating the College Process for Families" (HS) -- $7,500 

Grant funds external speakers, informational evening events and the creation of a parent/student handbook to make the college admissions process a bit less daunting.  Informational evening event is targeted at parents of juniors and will be held on Monday, February 10th.

Digital Lieracies Writing Program (Deer Hill) -- $7,398 

Create a series of technology-enhanced lesson plans for writing instruction in line with common core and new writing curriculum.

FIRST LEGO™ League Robotics Program (MS/HS) -- $6,525

Continue to support after-school club for students to design, build, and program robots as part of the global FIRST LEGO Tech Challenge teams.

Rock Climbing Wall (Osgood) -- $3,740

Enhance physical education curriculum with a rock climbing wall.

Facilitating Learning Through Technology (Deer Hill) -- $3,350

Pilot uses technology to augment the learning experience for children with disabilities or executive functioning weaknesses.

Model UN Club (MS/HS) -- $2,446

Support creation of Model UN club to promote knowledge and articulation of global issues.

Three Season Green House (Osgood) -- $2,219

Install green house that will enable students to engage in and observe the planting/growing process through the school year.  Co-funded with the Cohasset PSO.

Digital Lobby Sign (Deer Hill) -- $1,900

Showcase student work and programs through pictures and video in the front lobby.

Brain Pop Software Program (Osgood) -- $1,200

Leverage new digitial technology in the classroom by providing activities in line with common core across al subjects.

Immigrant Experience Program (Deer Hill) -- $1,058

Teach students about the history of immigration through two musical assemblies and linked classroom activities.

'12-'13 School Year

  • Apple Mac Lab for Technology Courses (HS)  -- $20,000
    Re-introduces technology curriculum to high school with courses in video production and computer technology. 
  • Digital Presenters in Classrooms (DH)  --  $14,400
    Mounted digital presenters and interactive white boards in every classroom at Deer Hill.  Grant co-funded with the town technology budget. 
  • WeatherBug (ALL)  --  $12,710
    WeatherBug is a state-of-the-art weather station for precisely monitoring local and global weather information.  Data from weather station is incorporated into math and science curriculum.  Grant co-funded with South Shore Playhouse Association, Cohasset Soccer Club and Cohasset Youth Lacrosse Club.
  • FIRST LEGO™ League Robotics Program (MS/HS)  --  $9,614
    Supports growing after-school club for students to design, build and program robots as part of the global FIRST LEGO™ Tech Challenge teams. 
  • Author Visit Program (DH)  --  $7,350
    Day-long writing worships for grades 4 and 5 led by Newbery award-winning author Jack Gantos and book blogger Anita Silvey.
  • CSCR Summer SeaPerch Exploration Program (HS)  --  $3,550
    Center for Student Coastal Research (CSCR) project to build remotely operated vehicles to document critical habitat in Cohasset Harbor.
  • Simple Machines Module in Technology Lab (MS)  --  $3,500
    EGO™ simple and motorized machine kits for Cohasset Middle School Technology Lab.
  • Yoga in the Classrooms Program (OS/DH)  --  $1,300
    Trains three faculty members at Osgood and Deer Hill on how to incorporate and practice simple yoga techniques into the classroom.  These teachers will in turn train other teachers and serve as ongoing resource.
  • For a complete listing of the grants that the CEF has funded since 2007, click on the picture below.
  • TCL - 20th Century Classroom   ECC = Expanding Core Curriculum
    ASE - After School Enrichment  OCP = Other / College Prep 



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